MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – On Thursday, the 1st viscount Montgomery of Alamein Police Department introduced a few parking changes so as to be made at some point of all Alabama State University home football video games.

“If I desired to head get something to devour or just step off campus for some time at some stage in domestic football video games, I couldn’t do that while not having to walk lower back,” Sarai Cooper, an ASU pupil, said. “Let’s say I desired to go to the store, or something like that before the sport, I might have to stroll with my groceries returned.”

Beginning on Saturday, September 21, motorists will not be allowed to park on the subsequent streets around ASU’s campus:

• Grove Street, between Hall Street and South Union

• Lake Street, among Forest Avenue and South Union

• North University Drive, among South Union and the ASU Stadium

• Saint James Street

In addition, powerful Friday, Sept. 20, motorists will not be allowed to park on Hutchison Street.

The parking ban will be enforced all day at some stage in domestic soccer video games, not simply in the course of recreation hours. The ban can be strictly enforced, and violators’ motors may be towed.

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