I-seventy six Speedway hosted the 2019 Summer Shootout on Saturday, Sept. 7, on the racetrack in Fort Morgan.

The following are the consequences from the night time’s races, as launched to The Time via I-76 Speedway. Listed by means of classes, are the position, automobile number, driver and home town/city.

Winners Circle
High Plains Late Models – 99, Scott Lewis, Northglenn
600 Sprints – 23R, Skylar Rhoades, Ault
IMCA Modified – 77T, Tripp Gaylord, Denver
RMDCRA – 3B, Ben Haney, Longmont
IMCA Sport Compact – 31E, Ryan Holbeck, Fort Morgan
IMCA Sport Modified – 5D, Tony Dugan, Denver
IMCA Hobby Stock – 73, Layne Bellm, Broomfield
IMCA Stock Car – 77T, Tripp Gaylord, Denver
270 Outlaw Micro Sprints – 17, Cory Mallo, Greeley

IMCA Modified
1. 77T, Tripp Gaylord, Denver
2. 8H, John Hansen, Brush
3. 3B, Eddie Belec, Arvada
four. 17J, Jeremy Frenier, Fort Morgan
5. 28, John Burrow Jr., Denver
6. 14G, Greg Gustus, Brighton
7. 14, Tom Quint, Sterling
8. Sixty-five, Greg Sharpe, Commerce City
DNF. 99, Lance Lewis, Mitchell, Nebraska
DNF. Sixty-nine, Jim Beaman, Fort Morgan
eleven. 27L, Dave Lindsay, Pierce

IMCA Sport Modified
1. 5D, Tony Dugan, Denver
2. 18C, Ryan Moser, Englewood
three. 41, Bill Lundock, Wiggins
4. 1Z, Mike Ziegler, Brush
five. 24B, Doug Beaman, Fort Morgan
6. 32, Matt Firme, Haxtun
7. Seventy-two, Max Quint, Sterling
8. 15, Jared Whiting, Mitchell, Nebraska
nine. 100, Jorge Garcia, Denver

Stock Car
1. 77T, Tripp Gaylord, Denver
2. 73, Joe Bellm, Broomfield
3. 8Z, Zach Hilzer, Fort Morgan
four. 99K, Travis Kroskob, Fort Morgan
5. 32, Lloyd Meeske, Champion, Nebraska
6. 05, Jesse Taylor, Fort Morgan
7. 10T, Taylor Bellomy, Lochbuie
8. 6J, DJ Banks, Brush
nine. 711, Billy Aeby, Imperial, Nebraska
10. 19T, Tony Shaver, Weldona
DNF. Ww2, Bubba Alvarado, Brush
DNF. 15, Dusty Palmore, Keenesburg

Hobby Stock
1. 73, Layne Bellm, Broomfield
2. Ninety-one, Matt Oleson, Arvada
3. 5C, Kyle Carrasco, Hudson
4. 15C, Jonathan Lindberg, Fort Lupton
5. 2C, Brandon Williams, Commerce City
6. 25C, Stephanie Brown, Lochbuie
7. 22, Alyssa Seader, Hudson
IMCA Sport Compact
1. 31E, Ryan Holbeck, Fort Morgan
2. 14, Floyd Frank
3. Three, Blake Fladgard, Ramah
four. 8A, Alicia Hilzer, Fort Morgan

270 Micro
1. 17, Cory Mallo, Greeley
2. 6M, Justin Mallo, Cheyenne, Wyoming
3. 9, Scotty Soder, Longmont
4. 77L, Blake Lawson, Longmont
five. 56L, Chaz Lawson, Longmont
6. Five, Anthony Scarpello, Arvada
7. 33, Randy Belisle, Longmont
8. Seventy five, Andrew Wieting, Cheyenne, Wyoming
nine. Forty five, Robert Swanson, Ault
10. 18, Robert Derouchey, Fort Collins
11. 57, Chris Hooten, Brighton
12. 21, Jim Swanson, Ault
13. 10, Russ Price, Fort Collins
14. 4, Jason Garner, Aurora
15. 22, Tyler Belisle, Longmont
DNF. 51, Rob Stewart, Colorado Springs
DNF. 0, Skylar Grainger, Longmont
DNF. 51X, Brandon Bellville, Cheyenne, Wyoming

1. 3B, Ben Haney, Longmont
2. 46R, Alex Amen, Brush
three. 3R, Brad Bayne, Eaton
4. 88R, Keith Welch, Greeley
five. 5R, TJ Trengrove, Thornton
6. 85R, Cameron Misegadis, Golden
7. 55R, Andy Rogers, Akron
eight. 75R, Don Morrison, Frederick
9. 89R, Dale Welch, Greeley
10. 0C, Fred Schneider, Palmer Lake
11. 74R, Zander Morrison, Frederick
12. 22R, Leroy Dilka, Wiggins
13. 05R, John Pipe, Greeley
14. 54, Steven Rosenbalm, Fort Morgan
15. 16R, Jerry Hunter, Greeley
DNF. 04, Bruce Napier, Fort Morgan
DNS. 21R, Brady Dilka, Wiggins
DNS. 23R, Dave Massengale, Fort Morgan

600 Sprints
1. 23R, Skylar Rhoades, Ault
2. 1F, Jason Friesen, Sutton, Nebraska
three. 3R, Hunter Rhoades, Ault
four. 24S, Colby Sokol, Peyton
five. 2F, Jadyn Friesen, Sutton, Nebraska
6. 28, Austin Ullstrom, Falcon
7. 17E, Kaylee Esgar, Beulah
eight. 3C, Cassidy Hinds, Arvada
nine. 25S, Justis Sokol, Peyton
10. Fifty-four, Jennifer Baker, Commerce City
DNF. Fifty-five, Evan Harvey, Colorado Springs
DNF. 42M, Montana Brumback, Amarillo, Texas
DNF. 15, Joseph Duffy, Colorado Springs
DNF. 18J, Brianna Rhoades, Ault
DNF. Ninety-eight, Ed Libonati, Parker
DNF. Sixty-nine, AJ Holmes, Falcon
DNS. Ninety-six, Adam Fox, Colorado Springs

High Plains Late Models
1. Ninety-nine, Scott Lewis, Northglenn
2. 37, Rob Mayes, Bend, Oregon
3. Forty-four, Brandon Lewis, Brighton
four. 39, Albert Sack, Brighton
5. 1X, Cody Cantonwine, Fort Lupton
6. Sixty-three, Maria Hankins, Bennett
DNF. 5R, Scott Rhoades, Wheat Ridge
DNF. 98D, Frank Denning, Golden
DNF. 65, Greg Sharpe, Commerce City

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