There is a statue of a useless boxer out of doors the Peacock Gym in Canning Town. In this gritty little nook of east London, the gold inscription on black marble reads: “In loving reminiscence of Bradley Stone – A brave younger guy who died inside the pursuit of his dreams.” Stone was 23 while he misplaced his life, and a British name fight in opposition to Richie Weston, in April 1994. He was an outstanding-bantamweight who skilled at this very gym.

Twenty-five years later the brand new Peacock prodigy is a younger heavyweight who cuts a miles more bold figure. Daniel Dubois walks past this reminder of boxing’s dangers each day. Born 3 and a half years after Stone died, and dreaming of turning into a world heavyweight champion, Dubois is entitled to disregard those haunting echoes of the beyond.

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“A lot of factors can harm,” he says, quietly. “I examine it otherwise. Boxing is my calling, and so I haven’t any fear of having harm.”

After knocking out 8 of the guys he has overwhelmed in a nine-zero record, is he ever worried about causing lasting harm to an opponent? “I in no way fear approximately that. I in no way take that into attention. When I’m in a hoop, I’m there to harm you. That’s the goal in a fight. Your well-being isn’t my challenge.”

Does he sense excited when he hurts his opponent? “Yeah,” he says with a soft exclamation which makes it unsurprising to research Mike Tyson is his favorite fighter. “Definitely. That embodies boxing. He took it to an intense level; however in this recreation people get harm and their lives are on the line. Tyson changed into my boxing hero. I took a shine to his ferociousness. I’m trying to use that to inspire me.”

Dubois is a much calmer presence than the Tyson I recollect from beyond electrifying and annoying interviews. But he harbors a similar have fun with for his darkish and regularly chaotic calling. “I experience like, like boxers, we’re now not like ordinary humans. After a while doing this, you get that buzz. It may be wild and out of manage. I have to attempt to manipulate myself. That’s what boxing is ready – manage.”

Dubois is 21; however, his recognition is growing. There have long been rumors he floored Anthony Joshua once they sparred a few years in the past and that hypothesis flared once more closing week. Jarrell Miller, the talkative American who calls himself Big Baby, could be Joshua’s subsequent opponent in New York on 1 June. In exciting a fight for which he could be the overwhelming underdog, Big Baby has finished lots of yapping. He has accused Joshua of doping and boasted approximately flying Dubois to New York to help him prepare for this international title combat: “I wanna say one name,” Miller stressed. “I heard the kid’s a badass – Daniel Dubois. I like the child a lot. He’s thumped AJ a pair times within the health club.”

Unlike Miller or Tyson, Dubois isn’t always a superb talker. This will be down to his age but, I suspect, owes more to the fact he is an indifferent character. Dubois is much less intrusive about Big Baby and New York than listening to that Tyson instructed me his toughest opponent changed into always himself. “Definitely. So a whole lot of boxing is to do with your mental country. Evander Holyfield talks about spirit. I have that spirit and feel like I’ve were given something unique interior me. It’s about me bringing it out, controlling it and using it to end up international champion.”

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Will that spirit emerges entirely best in adversity? “Probably. Sometimes you need to learn hard lessons. You need to look deep within your self to deliver out your great.”

What is the most robust facet of boxing? “Keeping control. Staying disciplined and on top of things isn’t smooth.”

Even though Dubois begins smiling I experience the struggle to manipulate himself when I ask about his infamous spar with Joshua. “I’m now not going into that. We had a very good spar, and that released my seasoned profession. So I’ve were given suitable recollections from that sparring consultation once I was with the GB [amateur] squad. I stuck him with a few heavy shots. He turned into correct work for me.”

Did he knock Joshua down? Dubois laughs, making faces to tell me his lips are sealed. He shrugs cheerfully when I say I’ll take his response as a yes. I’ve heard a much left wobbled Joshua and, seemingly, put him down. “Yeah, it became a good shot.”

Was Joshua taken aback by way of his power? “Every fighter I’ve fought has been greatly surprised with the aid of my electricity.”

Did he feel Joshua’s energy? “He’s a huge guy, throwing punches with horrific intentions. You experience it. Every punch is hard. It became approximately warding off them, being quick.”

Does he like being referred to as a “badass” with the aid of Big Baby? “No. It’s beside the point. I’m going to New York to get a wider glimpse of the sector and boxing. Big Baby consists of loads of weight, but he’s manifestly accomplished enough to earn a identify shot. But, proper now, the pinnacle heavyweights within the global are in England. America’s had its time on the pinnacle. It’s no longer like in Tyson’s day.”

Who does he assume is the best of the three unbeaten heavyweights at the height of his department – Joshua, Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder? “I’d go along with the fellow who’s got most of the belts. Joshua. He’s ahead of Fury and Wilder, but they’re all exact. They need to fight each different. Then we’ll see who is the remaining guy standing.”

How is Joshua after all of the knockdown communicate? “He’s high-quality. He is aware it’s now not private. We don’t want to hurt each different out of doors; however, within the ring, that’s our mentality. I additionally like Tyson Fury. We sparred as soon as and he was very intricate. He’s were given all of it upstairs, but I did OK, and he did an interview instantly after and referred to like mean up-and-coming international champion.”

When will he be prepared to mission Fury and Joshua? “Probably in years. I’m building toward one’s big fights.”

Some boxing insiders believe Dubois became pro too quickly and he could have benefited from mastering more at the very best level of beginner boxing. He fights for the tenth time as an expert on Friday at the Royal Albert Hall against Romania’s Razvan Cojanu.

“On paper, he’s my most experienced opponent. He’s pretty tall, mobile, successful, however, he’s not a hard puncher. I’m going accessible to break him.”

It’s tough to recognize how right Dubois might be till he gets hit difficult himself. He would possibly disintegrate, or he may prove to be as extraordinary as the hype indicates. Unlike his proficient sister Caroline, but, Dubois isn’t unbeaten. “I misplaced six times from when I turned into eleven to 18. I attempted to bring out the emotion, but I in no way cried. I concept: ‘What’s wrong with me?’ But I misplaced doing my quality.”

Caroline received the Olympic teen’s lightweight title closing year, aged 17. Her extraordinary skills brought on the BBC’s venerable commentator Mike Costello to say: “I am tempted to call Caroline Dubois the satisfactory lady boxer I have seen.” Unbeaten in almost 40 amateur fights, Caroline additionally stuns her large brother together with her talent and commitment.

“She’s so disciplined. Caroline puts me to shame now and again. The manner she’s so hard-running amazes me. We are close and [among a family of 11 children] seven people nonetheless live together in Greenwich. I, Caroline and our brother Prince are boxers. Prince is best six, so that is a bit premature; however, he can be a global champion.”

It is probably hard to consider, but Dubois claims that, in his late teens, he might do press-American his knuckles for 3 hours without stopping. He suggests me his deeply scarred fingers. “I might do lots of press-Americain 3 hours. I now only do 30 minutes in a row.”

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