Anyone playing the brand new Metro Exodus sport on PC, as it’s honestly supposed to be performed, has run into a few roadblocks along the manner. Not handiest are monsters and mercenaries trying to forestall your escape from Moscow. However, the forces of PC game retailing are looking to stop you from sneaking in a touch playtime at paintings.

That’s due to the fact PC players have been hit with a stunning last-minute transfer, when writer Deep Silver pulled the PC version from Steam, in which it has been to be had to preorder for months, and declared the little-used Epic recreation keep as its distinctive supplier to sell the PC version of the game.

Why is that trouble? The Epic platform lacks maximum of Steam’s social features, and worse, it does not support cloud saves, so that you can’t log in on every other gaming computer or computing device, download the game and select up in which you left off.

So, what should a person do if they’re gambling Metro Exodus on one laptop at domestic and also want to (manifestly for thoroughly expert motives like checking out new gaming PCs and photographs cards) play at work without starting over?

You’ll pass returned to the old-fashioned approach of finding a saved-recreation report and loading it on a USB stick. We used to call it Sneakernet. Different games cover their saves in exceptional places to your pc, so here’s what to do for Metro Exodus:

1. Open the Windows report browser and point it toward this folder: C:/customers/[your account]/Saved Games

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