Students have started a “game pal” scheme to tackle isolation and mental health troubles at a college.

The University of Suffolk Students’ Union scheme gives six free sessions to those with difficulties and arranges for a volunteer to accompany them.

Co-ordinator Tiffany Evripidou stated they desired to “intervene” before mental fitness became a problem.

The union said its research showed attending periods by myself changed into a significant “engagement barrier.”

“We’ve constantly believed inside the power of interest and the way it can have an advantageous impact on well-being,” stated Ms. Evripidou.

Volunteers at the Ipswich-primarily based university might be given mental fitness and first aid education.

Megan Rea, 18, a software program engineering student, signed up as a friend after leaving a one-of-a-kind college because she felt “remoted.”

“I realize how it’s miles to sense low and prefer you’ve no longer surely were given anyone,” she said.

“Some people don’t like going to something like that alone. However, I will go with the character, be after them and they’ll have a person.”

Participants can pick out from 10 one of a kind sports activities sessions a week, which include Zumba, badminton, and swimming.

After completing the sessions, college students will whole a mental fitness questionnaire and might be signposted to different help offerings.

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