On multiple occasions, going back to the remaining season, VCU train Mike Rhoades has referred to that he loves close games.

The Rams, at some point of their 10-game win streak, haven’t had many of those battles. Their average victory margin at some stage in the streak has been 15.5 points.

But VCU’s past two video games have been tight — a 6-point conquer Saint Louis and a three-factor win over Richmond in the past week.

“Now don’t get me wrong, we all love 20-hints,” Rhoades stated final Tuesday, after the Saint Louis sport. “But I love near video games because it well-known shows the person of you, and it exhibits the man or woman of the training personnel.”

Rhoades said after the Richmond win on Saturday that the concept it became exceptional that the Rams had to grind out their remaining wins. “This time of year, you’re in March, you acquire to discover a way to win,” he stated.

March method match play, and with the Atlantic 10 event only a week and a 1/2 away, the close-sport experience could show value for the Rams.

“It’s huge. Because any revel in of close games allows you,” Rhoades said Monday. “But while you win them, too, it additionally offers you self belief.”

VCU (23-6, 14-2 A-10) has a danger to clinch its first outright ordinary-season A-10 title with a win at George Mason (sixteen-13, 10-6) on Tuesday night time. The faculty’s first season within the league changed into 2012-thirteen, and it shared the identity in 2015-sixteen.

During this season, 12 VCU video games have ended with a margin of 6 points or fewer, such as nine wins. The group had 11 such games a final season and gained six.

On Saturday at Richmond, sophomore forward Marcus Santos-Silva said VCU had come a protracted way.

“Now we’re able to recognize the way to manage adversity at some stage in the sport,” Santos-Silva said. “Instead of a closing year, we would complain and stuff while we lose leads. This year we’re like, ‘All right, we’ll be satisfactory.’ ”

Late-sport situations for close games get attention in practice. VCU will also run thru some of the one’s positions on recreation days.

The Rams take a look at a ramification of occasions. It will be a 1-factor deficit with 2 seconds left and the crew needed to move the duration of the court. It can be one 2nd left with an inbounds play underneath the basket, and a 3-pointer wished. It’s as lots defense as offense, too.

“What are we going to do in that state of affairs? Here are the time and score. Just situations, masses of different situations,” Rhoades stated.

After the Saint Louis game, Rhoades said he didn’t think the Rams grew enough from near games closing year. When they face those situations this yr, they’ve been more efficient.

In addition to the games against Saint Louis and Richmond, VCU also pulled out a 1-factor win at Dayton last month earlier in its win streak. Those near victories have helped provide the Rams the danger to fasten up the ordinary-season name on Tuesday.

The opportunity is gasoline for their hearth, Rhoades said.

“We need to be certainly aggressive with our technique,” Rhoades stated. “There’s no strain on seeking to move after something you need. Just cross do it.”

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