After finishing various soccer demanding situations along with one with Mohamed Salah, Barcelona captain Lionel Messi confirmed off his abilities with a ping pong racket, as shown in a video published by using International Table Tennis Federation with the caption #NotJustPingPong.

In the video shot for a business, Messi is given an assignment to hit a ball stored on a bottle of cold drink with every other bottle the usage of the racket. It took a smiling Messi all of two tries to prevail in the assignment, and he makes it appear so effortless.
Earlier, Messi and Salah were seen in a faceoff in brilliant trick demanding situations for a commercial that went viral. The two football stars took on each other in numerous demanding situations for ‘Last Can Standing’ commercial of Pepsi. The two forwards fought it out for the last can available at a petrol pump.

The left-footed forwards Messi and Salah go for a can of Pepsi at a petrol pump at the same time most straightforward to find out that there’s simplest you can still leave. And that’s when they decide to fight it out with a chain of football hints and shots.

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