A general of eleven World Cup tournaments was played till now. Many iconic players have represented their international locations within the elite cricket tournament until now. The Australian cricket crew has been the maximum a hit you. S. A. Within the World Cups till now as they managed to win the trophy on five unique activities. India and West Indies have won the award twice. Pakistan and Sri Lanka have gained the World Cup one time each.

The cricketing universe has witnessed several outstanding batting performances inside the World Cups. Particularly the pressure and expectancies contact the crest at some stage in the very last fit of the World Cup. Players who have managed to perform exceedingly in such conditions are revered and immortalized within the history of cricket game.

In this slide display, we are going to check the top 5 players with the very best person ratings inside the finals of the World Cup. Former West Indies skipper, Clive Lloyd narrowly misses this listing. He scored 102 runs inside the final of 1975 World Cup in opposition to England team. An overall of six players has scored a century inside the finals of the World Cup until now.

Here are the five highest individual scores in the World Cup very last.

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