Ostend, With its ninety years antique This December, is one of the maximum zwembadbezoekers at the seaside. More than that: she’s come in view that the outlet of the brand new swimming pool in 1976 with a daily her to head for a swim. Where turned into her 90th birthday a higher area to celebrate than inside the water. Every day zwemvrienden amazed her, and she or he’s were given a plan for life.

All The North This Decombel) turned into born on September 19, 1929. In spite of its decent age, you could locate her every morning at eight.15 am within the swimming pool in her metropolis. They can swim for greater than 50 years, each day, for 43 years within the Building. “As an infant, I never found out to swim. I am swimming like a dog, however, I did find it irresistible, and I get higher and higher, by way of different people,” says Jacqueline. She turned into a homemaker and she lived for twenty-four years.

“I will continually maintain to swim with a view to having time to pass through. I get up early in the morning, however, what do I need to do things differently every and each day of the week? I go away at 7: forty five pm to stroll to and from the pool. When the doors open at eight: 15 am I’m ready to get to the door. In the beyond, I went with the motorcycle, but I’ve lately been closely fallen, and given that then, I’m going to be on foot.” She swims every day, is 500 meters away. “That’s what I changed into approximately half-an-hour, however, it’s now not the ‘pace’ that subjects, but the motion.”

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