Call it a dependancy of the game or stupidity, a younger guy from Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh drank acid in the desire to ingesting water while playing PUBG. According to a document by using a manner of News18, the youth changed into so busy in the game that he picked the bottle of acid with the aid of mistake and drank it.

After the accident, the teen was rushed to the nearby clinic in which docs operated on his gut for more than 10 hours. The first few hours after the operation was genuinely critical, however now it’s far stated that the kids are out of the threat.

Recently, the makers of ‘PUBG’, Tencent introduced that they will do something for the authorities to crack down on people’s gaming dependency that has caused an entire lot of incidents in a previous couple of years. These incidents have also affected the enterprise’s sales.

Tencent has observed that they will be imposing a digital lock on many video games that require children under 13 years to ask their mother and father or guardians to open the game. This digital lock era will soon be launched in China for ‘PUBG’ and unique video games.

The government has minimised the discharge of video games consistent with the year and has additionally made many rules for the youths. The authorities are also participating with game-growing businesses to try and minimise the incidents taking region because of games.

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