“Money can’t purchase happiness” is how the pronouncing goes. And this is debatable, as Ariana Grande argues that the person who invented the pronouncing “ought to no longer have had sufficient money,” in her new hit track seven earrings.

However, it seems that money can not buy you commonplace feel both.

The owner of a Porsche, which prices about AUS$ sixty-five,000, or INR 32,87,233 left his pricey car in a harbor in Perth. Even although the precise path of activities of how the vehicle ended up within the water and remained partially submerged, is still a piece of a mystery, the aftermath is not.

A video that went viral on Facebook confirmed the car submerged in about a foot of water, on a ship ramp with the jet ski bobbing at the back of it, nevertheless connected to its trailer. So maybe it can be a jet-skiing excursion long gone incorrect.

The video that was published via Perth Boat School on Facebook takes a dig on the owner and the situation he drove himself into. Or need to we are saying, dove into?

The boat club shared the viral video alongside a chunk of recommendation “Thought it’d be a perfect time to mention that we can also teach people how to release boats … If you need help, ask.”

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