Golf publications are the clean objectives in terms of locating inexperienced space for the ever-increasing numbers of people the government is allowing into the united states of America (“Unlocking Sydney’s inexperienced space and waterways to build a habitable town”, September 18).
Woollahra golf course is an ideal example of a nearby council viewing 9 holes as a neighborhood park and dog track. It straddles well-frequented football ovals and the motion of people between them has emerged as untenable. Many haven’t any problem for what else may be going on around them and honestly see the direction as a thoroughfare.

Golf may be perceived as badly dressed old blokes hitting balls around the grass, but it takes consciousness and attention. How many soccer golf equipment allow bikes and pedestrians to meander throughout the sphere when a game is in progress?

Rather than searching out solutions to the symptoms of population boom, how approximately we cope with the real issue – regulating population by having a clear plan for destiny. – Christopher Woodley, Vaucluse

The NSW government plans to purloin golfing courses to make up for its planning generosity closer to developers. It has failed to insist on ok open areas in residential and industrial traits and endured to update our parklands with buildings.

Premier, tweak your development concurs to ensure enough open area. Where are the additional open wearing facilities for the younger? – Stephen Dunn, Bonnells Bay

I enjoyed my ride to Japan and feature incredible admiration for the Japanese. However, turning Sydney into every other Tokyo to serve the pastimes of commercial enterprise and the authorities is not exact governance.

Sydney is located at the driest inhabited continent and already our international warming brought about droughts are threatening our water resources. Building more dams gained’t make it rain.

Already Sydney’s dams want to be many times bigger than cities like London, even though London’s populace is often bigger than Sydney’s.

And, the only element maintaining Australia’s GDP out of recession is a growing populace. Per character, we are not becoming higher off. Using population boom to offer earnings for the massive cease of city and propaganda for authorities does no longer justify overcrowding, dropping our green areas and traffic nightmares. – Brenton White, Mosman

Given the purpose of the country government to cram even extra human beings into Sydney, the search for inexperienced space turns into more essential.

What higher source of playing fields and open area can there be than the good deal-vaunted and astonishing acres of playing fields in our taxpayer-funded non-public colleges? – Nola Tucker, Kiama

A swimmable Parramatta River? We’ll all be glowing within the dark. – Peter Miniutti, Ashbury

Your correspondent is right to call the web page of the new Parramatta swimming pool a ”land take hold of” (Letters, September 17). Parramatta Park, just like the Sydney Domain, is the town’s lung.

As both cities get larger the parklands get smaller. In Sydney, the art gallery is to be prolonged into the Domain and in Parramatta, the new stadium, the large swimming pool and even the RSL, constructed in the park inside the 1950s, were or might be, enlarged.  Land grabs just go on and on. – Clive Lucas, Neutral Bay
Cruise ship terminal will smash Botany Bay
Now they need to go in advance with a massive cruise ship port in Botany Bay (”Full steam beforehand for a third cruise deliver terminal in Sydney”, September 18).
Massive dredging could be required to deal with these ships and a massive breakwater could need constructing to keep the swell out. The consequences of this work would reason seaside erosion, break fragile marine ecosystems and restrict fishing, sailing, diving, and boating.

There is a lot to lose, not only for folks that use the bay for the undertaking. The best sacrifice may be made with the aid of the Aboriginal population, who has been practicing their tradition there for extra than 6000 years.

An earlier visitor left Yarra Bay due to its shallow waters and absence of protection. He was Arthur Phillip – a smart guy who took the First Fleet into Port Jackson. – Christine Kitamura, Phillip Bay

There is a massively extra attractive alternative for the place of a brand new cruise deliver terminal than Botany Bay – Rose Bay. This area already has a protracted history of welcoming overseas traffic going back to the times of the Catalina flying boat service. Cruise ships should input our glorious heads, journey up the harbor to the Bridge and the Opera House for selfie possibilities, do a U flip and lower back to the Bay.

There are a couple of underutilized golfing courses which might provide an area for construction depots and automobile parks,  dollar souvenir stores and the obligatory light rail station to hyperlink to the metropolis.

A win-win for everybody; a brand new terminal close to the metropolis, a lift for the struggling Japanese suburbs economy and the cute Yarra Bay is stored. – Peter Cooper-Southam, Frenchs Forest

I hope they impose more potent environmental requirements for the cruise terminal at Botany Bay than they did for the White Bay terminal. All ships need to have 21st century generation on board that allows the usage of the plug-in, shore-to-ship electricity whilst in port and must use extremely-low sulfur marine diesel.

Hopefully, there’ll not be a repeat of the environmental debacle at White Bay, whilst for years the populace of the Balmain peninsula was put at hazard with the burning of toxic “bunker fuel”, ensuing in high tiers of sulfur and carcinogens pumped into the ecosystem. – Cornelius van der Weyden, Balmain East

There is not any mention of transportation between Botany Bay and the CBD for cruise ship passengers. Will they assemble a fast rail line to the town or increase the light rail to the ship terminal? – Ron Field, Bermagui

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