WICKET! Peter Handscomb departs and its Ravindra Jadeja inside the area which makes the distinction. Handscomb is trying to steal an unmarried there however he has selected to mission India’s excellent fielder here. Jadeja alternatives up and gets a right away hit. Handscomb does not even watch for the umpire’s selection and walks back to the pavilion. Played nicely for his forty-eight there

Jadeja concedes seven runs from his last over, and he is achieved for the day right here. Ends up with figures of one/48. Australia requires ninety-one runs right here from eighty-four deliveries. Will be exciting to look at their method from here

Finally a boundary for Australia here, Handscomb sweeps one for four, and this is the first boundary for site visitors because of the 21st over. The required runs have also come below a hundred now. The game still calmly poised you sense and it could pass either manner

Stoinis and Handscomb doing correctly to tick over the strike right here run coming in 1s and 2s in the intervening time. Kohli is also turning to Kedar Jadhav in the meantime as he looks for a leap forward!
Marcus Stoinis has popped out in the middle to sign up for Peter Handscomb. However, each the batsmen have their venture cutout at the moment. Kuldeep seems to be in best rhythm and looks like running thru the Aussie batsmen!

WICKET! That’s the large one India needed, Kuldeep does the trick as he eliminates Maxwell. Poor shot although as he looks to drag, but the ball stays a bit low and castles into the middle-stump. Maxwell will walk lower back right here for 4. Is that the sport then for India?
Jasprit Bumrah has come returned into the assault now, India sensing an opportunity here to choose a couple of short wickets. Kohli is going for all-out assault with two of his wicket-taking bowlers within the shape of Kuldeep and Bumrah. Can they offer the breakthrough?

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