Libyan kitesurfers set sail within the wind in a neighborhood championship within the city of Benghazi, hoping that their kite journeys might land them at the 2019 African Beach Games in Cape Verde.

Competitors took to the ocean in robust winds and cold water, which even though difficult, have been favorable conditions for kitesurfing.

Armed with their kites, shielding tools and system, the surfers leaped into the waves and cleverly maneuvered in the wind.

Among the those who took part in the race become Hafeth al-Bobaa, who hopes that more human beings get the chance to choose up the game at a young age.

“It [kitesurfing] did arrive in Libya pretty overdue,” he said.

There are around 30 students education at Libya’s National Union colleges, consistent with a member of Libya’s National Union for Sailing and Water Sports, Ahmed Amer.

But the variety of college students is developing, Amer delivered.

The antique center of Benghazi nonetheless lies in ruins from a war that ended within the city in 2017. But from the ashes of struggle, many new establishments were born, such as kitesurfing faculties and education centers.

Yasser Boothan, a surfing enthusiast who started out working towards kitesurfing at the quiet of 2012, received the qualifiers.

He said that there had been no colleges or trainers in 2012, so he and his friends sought understanding from the internet, hoping he will be adequately sufficient to qualify for worldwide championships one day.

He is one step closer to that dream, along with his win at the Benghazi race qualifying him to compete at the countrywide stage.

Winners of the opposition in Benghazi are due to compete with winners from other Libyan cities and the pinnacle performers at the national stage will constitute Libya inside the African games, due in Sal, Cape Verde, among June 14 and 23.

The Benghazi championship became held at on the Palm Beach Resort and became organized using Libya’s National Union for Sailing and Water Sports.

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