Really, we shouldn’t be amazed.

Riley Field without a doubt wasn’t, no longer after being reminded all over again that the law is one component, however changing hearts and minds is a completely exceptional count number.

As the senior captain of Maine’s field hockey group, Field has gotten used to the snickers, the insults, the slights that still go along with being a girl athlete.

“Yeah, one of those moments again,” she said. “On one stage, we ought to be bowled over and surprised. On some other stage, it’s quite unhappy that it’s now not so shocking.”

Title IX is a remarkable element, starting up doors for loads of thousands of ladies to compete on a supposedly stage gambling area with men.

Of path, its noble motive hasn’t come close to being absolutely found out.

That became obvious last weekend in Ohio.

It all started out with Maine’s nationally ranked field hockey team traveling to Kent State to play a round-robin set of video games involving the host faculty and every other out-of-metropolis crew, Temple.

During a Saturday morning healthy, the Black Bears went to additional time in a scoreless tie with Temple. Suddenly, Kent State officials called a halt to the sport, announcing the sector hockey pitch was needed to shoot off fireworks before a midday soccer recreation between the Golden Flashes and Kennesaw State at adjacent Dix Stadium.


In broad daytime?

“We have been confused before everything,” Field recalled. “Is this a comic story?”

It wasn’t.

Maine and Temple have been informed they might come again at 5:30 p.M. Seven hours later to finish their fit, but that might’ve become an outrageous situation into a downright farce.

“That,” Temple train Susan Ciufo stated, slightly containing the disdain in her voice, “changed into a thrilling thought.”

The Owls couldn’t stay, anyway, due to the fact they’d already scheduled a 400-mile bus trip returned to Philadelphia.

Even if they might, neither team had any intention of wearing at the in shape beneath those ludicrous instances.

“The complete a part of having beyond regular time is that the final results of the sport are determined in beyond regular time,” Maine educates Josette Babineau said. “Both groups are at the worn-out stage and they may be testing each different physically to get the final results of the sport. To come lower back (seven hours later) and play each different for 10 minutes could exchange the final results of the game. Both teams could be fresh.”

So, after two groups gave their hearts and souls to win a suit that intended the sector to them, it went down within the books as nothing extra than an exhibition, a scrimmage, a non-sport.

No winner.

No loser.

Nothing to bear in mind it via on both crew’s report or stats.

Sadly, it’s the ideal metaphor for the manner many human beings view women’s athletics.

“It’s offensive and it’s scary to assume that simply due to your gender, your sport is looked at as much less,” Field stated. “We paintings simply as difficult as any men’s group. I virtually do believe that.”

The Kent State debacle has given her purpose to mirror even extra at the manner matters need to be.

“We get an opportunity whilst we are recruited to be on a crew at a better stage,” Field stated. “Then, once we commit to revealing up after I came here as a UMaine Black Bear that first day, that offers me the proper to a locker room, the proper to the training room, the proper to the burden room and to exercise time. Ultimately, to complete recreation is one hundred ten percent a right.”

Reached Friday on her cellphone rapidly before Temple hosted Bryant in its first recreation because the non-recreation, Ciufo said the fiasco at Kent State obscured a number of the day by day indignities persisted by way of lady athletes.

“Everybody attempts to say we’re treated equally because the uniforms are identical, the system is the same,” the Temple train stated. “But it may be something as simple as being dealt with admire, like selecting the practice times you need. A lot of small pieces go into the inequities. It’s no longer always something important. Last weekend was something major, so it is getting a lot of attention.”

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