Benjamin Burke is telling me approximately piano training. “We needed to sing, but I’m now not that type of character,” he says. His parents and I chuckle, but he isn’t creating a shaggy dog story. In a manner that’s pretty count number-of-fact, he is aware of himself, and he is aware of what he’s and isn’t about. It sounds a touch loopy to talk about a 10-year-old like that, but every so often Benjamin comes across older. Three years of treatments for T-cellular acute lymphoblastic leukemia will do this.

Just three extra months of treatments remain. He’ll get them at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, one among 170 Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. Barbara and Jack Nicklaus, in their persisted guide of children’s fitness care, are leading a new campaign to elevate $one hundred million to gain Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals nationwide.

Benjamin, an avid golfer, even were given to fulfill Jack Nicklaus. He wasn’t almost as nervous approximately it as his dad, Sean.
The Burkes trace Benjamin’s struggle with leukemia to his 7th birthday. The first signal becomes an achy belly—“It was a tie-dye rainbow birthday cake, and I couldn’t eat it,” Benjamin remembers. Then he awakened with a swollen eye that a nurse said not to worry approximately, accompanied by small red dots on his wrist. Some Googling led his mom, Jennie, to a web page that stated they were petechiae, a symptom of leukemia. “But I concept, ‘He doesn’t have cancer, so which couldn’t be it.’” When her son awakened with an earache, she brought him to the pediatrician. After blood assessments, she got a call later that night time.

“They advised me to power very carefully and right away to the sanatorium,” she says. “There’s a bed for him and a hematologist-oncologist ready.”

He spent almost as an awful lot time within the medical institution as he did out of it for the following ten months. The Family Life offerings at Lurie Children’s try to preserve existence within the hospital as ordinary as feasible, together with supplying school services and tune remedy, that is funded by using the Children’s Miracle Network.

Now Benjamin can take chemotherapy and other medication at home, though meaning swallowing as much as 27 tablets a day. Benjamin and the whole Burke family, together with more youthful brothers Charlie and Teddy, were stricken by Benjamin’s leukemia. There’s no manner for that no longer to show up. But the circle of relatives works difficult to reframe the bad. Benjamin wants to be a pediatric surgeon one day. Or, if he becomes a professional athlete, to installation a foundation for kids’ cancer.

A lot of the bright spots beyond three years have involved sports. He has met athletes and attended expert carrying events. He built a Wrigley Field reproduction from Legos. “Three-thousand, nine-hundred and 80 pieces,” he says.

Legos are excellent for the sanatorium, but while he’s domestic and feeling precise, he likes to tee it up. Benjamin has played PGA Jr. League, practices within the iciness at Addison Links and Tees Golf Dome and had his most recent birthday celebration at Topgolf. His primary haunt is the 9-hole Cantigny Youth Links. Kids take a check to get certified to play without a grown-up. “Me and my three pals, we cross play after which call our moms while we’re completed to come to select us up,” Benjamin says.

Jennie loves the ability of scheduling around golf. Canceling a tee time is a lot easier than lacking a baseball (generic term) and feeling such as you’re letting the team down.

“You can’t are expecting while he’s going to feel horrific,” she says. “But one of the fantastic things about Benjamin is his resilience. He has this tenacity. Like hitting buckets and buckets of balls, early on he’s had that mentality and that potential. That exceptional has advanced thoroughly thru most cancers.”

The day earlier than we met, Benjamin became out playing inside the December cold, checking out a new set of clubs. “I hit my drive, and it becomes a genuinely precise power, and Charlie and me both misplaced it inside the solar,” Benjamin says. “And I at the end located it within the hard.”

I interject, pronouncing I hate it when that happens. But he skips the risk to commiserate on the bias of a formidable force buried within the tough. He’s already telling me about the following shot, the green timber he roped lower back into the green.

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