EAST MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) – In the event you emerge as a sufferer to an attack, knowing how to shield yourself can keep your life. A training at Nyquist’s Roundhouse Martial Arts in East Moline on Sunday helped ladies analyze techniques for stopping a might-be attacker.

“Being capable to stroll round with confidence understanding that you could protect yourself,” Kenny Nyquist, proprietor of Nyquist’s Roundhouse Martial Arts, stated.

Martial arts trains your mind, body, and soul, but it can also teach you self-defense.

“You want to equip your self. The intention is to now not combat. The intention is to keep away from the situations as plenty as feasible. But inside the reality of the cruel global we live in, your odds of getting attacked are extra than human beings suppose,” Nyquist stated.

But, he said it’s not all approximately being able to bodily combat someone. It also teaches you to grow to be greater self-privy to your environment.

“Situational-attention. Know what is going on around you. Who’s round you. What’s going on. Who’s performing off. You realize. Stuff like that. Martial arts gives all of that education that will help you higher equip yourself available on the road,” Nyquist stated.

Nyquist stated such a lot of people who walk down the streets are distracted by way of technology, like their phones, and are not listening to their surroundings.

“How oftentimes have you caught your self taking walks down the road looking at your phone? Seeing who texted you. Seeing who called you. Checking voicemails, something. The fact of it is whilst you’re doing that, you’re no longer listening to what’s happening around you,” he stated.

Phones also are stopping human beings from paying attention to who’s around you.

“When you are basically just taking walks down the road…Just being capable of notice there is a person throughout the road. Or there’s a person in advance of you a little bit. Or even worse yet, someone at the back of you,” Nyquist said.

Most attackers aren’t going to make their presence recognized till they in reality attack.

“They’re cowards. So they’re going to stalk you. They’re going to prey. They’re going to wait until you’re actually off protected and now not being attentive to what is taking place around you. So we simply attempt to heighten that cognizance,” he stated.

While martial arts may look intimidating to an amateur, the teachers stated you don’t should get beat up to learn how to protect your self. They additionally encourage men to don’t forget self-defense lessons as nicely.

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